Child routines ‘provide great benefits’

Busy mornings

Busy morningsDo you ever worry about your child's best interests being lost in the hustle and bustle of daily family life?

Are they spending their time correctly, is there enough structure to their everyday life.. all of these are questions which many of us regularly ponder as parents.

Managing everything into a reliable clockwork-like system can sometimes seem like an impossible task, but new research has shown it's worth it.

Something as simple as having set meal times can make a huge difference to a young person's wellbeing, The Prince's Trust revealed.

Researchers questioned 2,000 people aged 16-25 about their upbringing and found that one in 10 thought their lives were too disorganised. But results showed that this grew to 25% among those with lower school grades.

No one appreciates the need for a good night's sleep more than mums, but the study showed that this isn't always reflected in what time their children go to bed.

Around a quarter of those asked said they didn't have a regular sleeping pattern when they were growing up.

Martina Milburn, chief executive of The Prince's Trust, said: "The absence of structure and routine in a young life can have a devastating impact. Without the right support, directionless teenagers can become lost young adults - unconfident, under-qualified and unemployed."

It might seem strange that such simple things can have such a large impact over the course of your child's lifetime, but if you need to try and change things round now, you can use our time-saving tips for busy mums.