Christmas dinner SOS on Twitter!

SOS twitter service

SOS twitter serviceIf you're cooking for extended family this Christmas and are filled with fear over the possibility of messing it up, a new online advice service could calm your nerves.

Tesco has launched its SOS Twitter service to throw a lifebelt to people with worries over sinking in a mess of burnt gravy and shambolic stuffing!

The service - on Tesco's Realfood Twitter feed - will be manned by a team of experts, who will be able to offer reassurance and advice to steer you into empty-plate territory on the big day.

If you're scarred by past experiences of turkey that is cooked on the outside but not within, why not give the team a shout to find out where you were going wrong?

With the next 10 days probably among the most busy of the year for the average mum and dad, you may have difficulty finding the time on Christmas Eve to log-on.

However, if this is the case and you find yourself in pickle on Christmas Day, fret not, because the service is also running then.

Tesco senior marketing manager Breige Donaghy said: "Imagine the scenario - your guests are due to arrive for the most celebrated meal of the year and to your horror your turkey is undercooked, your bread sauce too thick or your roasties aren't crispy enough.

"But instead of panicking, cooks will now be able to contact our team of expert chefs who have cooked thousands of meals between them and who know all the tricks of the trade for putting on a fabulous Christmas feast with as little stress as possible."

If you're erring on the side of caution and want to ensure there are no mishaps then the Christmas Eve session will probably be best. You can access it via Twitter between 10am and 8pm.

People who decide to go it alone on Christmas Day can be helped out of any disasters between 8am and 4pm on the day.

Problems will be answered via Tweet replies.