Christmas gifts shrinking in size but not price

miniture gift

miniture giftIf you've finished buying Christmas presents for your kids, you'll know all about how expensive they can be.

Popular gifts this year have included iPhones and iPads, and a team of researchers have investigated shopping trends to reveal that we're spending our money on much smaller items this year.

Online retailer Pixmania said that the actual size of the gifts we're buying has shrunk to its smallest in a quarter of a century.

However, just because these gifts are actually smaller in size, they're still pretty expensive. Have you saved hard to pick up one for your teenager, or has the ongoing uncertainty over the economy made you opt for a gift that is both smaller in size and in price?

Ulric Jerome, executive director at, said: "It seems that the question of how Santa fits the presents down the chimney isn't quite the marvel it used to be.

"By our calculations you could fit every single item on this year's top 10 down a chimney with plenty of space for Santa alongside."

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