‘Computer cooking’ saves time and money!

laptop cooking

laptop cookingYou get home from a hard day at work, it's dark outside, the house is cold and the kids need feeding. The last thing on your mind is digging out the cookbooks to search for new family favourite recipes.

So what do you do to help get some healthy food ready for your brood that is tasty, quick and simple to prepare? Go online, of course.

That's according to research from Lenovo, anyway, which says that 83% of British families are regularly using their laptops to assist them in the kitchen.

If you're one of these people, you'll be well aware of how much quicker it is to type "quick family recipes" into Google compared to trawling through cookbooks for something which fits the bill.

And if you want to have a specific website to visit for time-proven recipes, rather than taking a chance with a web search, why not look at these recipes for delicious family meals to get you started?

The trend for using our computers to cook is on the rise, and the study predicts that it shows no signs of stopping.

A quarter of those polled even said they reckon cookbooks will fall out of use in the coming decades.

With recipes readily available online for free, looking to the internet looks to be a smart move. With the cash saved here, you can plough a little bit more into buying fresh organic meat and vegetables to ensure your little - and not so little - ones are getting all the nourishment they need.

Elif Nergiz, UK consumer & retail marketing manager at Lenovo, said "The results of the study give great insight into how people's cooking habits are changing in the digital age.

"A laptop or tablet can make a stylish addition to your kitchen and eradicates the need for cluttering up your home with unnecessary recipe books."