Correct food storage can save money

cleaning fridge

cleaning fridgeCleaning the kitchen can be a chore few of us relish, but new research suggesting it can save us both time and money could see many people approach it with renewed vigour.

A leading academic from the University of Liverpool says that if we want to keep our food fresh - and avoid throwing our money down the drain - it's essential to keep our fridges spick and span.

Professor Tom Humphrey of the Institute of Infection and Global Health, recommends that we clean fridges every seven days - the cleaner a fridge is, the easier it is to keep food fresh, potentially meaning less waste and saving you money.

Cleaning at such regular intervals will also save you time in the long run and obviously the undesirable chore of getting stuck in once things have become less than savoury!

He made the recommendation alongside a number of other tips on how to keep our kitchens clean, a helping hand which could save you valuable time when you next grab the Mr Muscle and tackle the appliances.

The professor added: "Fridges need cleaning out once a week with very hot water and disinfectant if you wish, with the raw meat compartment being cleaned out every few days - certainly when it becomes smelly."

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The professor also reckons that improving our knowledge of storing food can go a long way in keeping food fresh and keeping us healthy.

He added: "Understanding food storage - and most fresh food is stored in the fridge - is integral to preventing food poisoning in your home."

The professor said that many of us have our fridges set to the wrong temperature, something which can have a knock-on effect when it comes to how much food we are ending up throwing in the bin.

He added: "Ideally, everybody should use a fridge thermometer and aim for a constant four degrees.

"Don't leave the fridge door open for long, and never put hot food in the fridge, as this will also push the internal temperature back up."