Cost fears keeping dental patients away


dentistHow many times a year do you visit the dentist? Go on, be honest. For many of us, the answer to this key question is likely to be "never".

Research suggests that the cost of visiting a dentist, amid the backdrop of the current financial crisis, is deterring many parents from having regular dental check-ups.

Some 21% of those included in a recent survey from healthcare provider Simplyhealth reported that they are simply unable to factor in dental fees to their budget.

A further 10% of those polled said they fear that their personal dental costs could be too high because they haven't visited for so long.

A quarter of us have failed to visit a dentist in the last 18 months, the research found. This is despite the fact that official recommendations suggest we should not leave it more than 24 months between appointments.

James Glover, spokesperson for Simplyhealth, stated: "Concerns over the cost of dental treatment are apparent."

He added: "With 22% of those people that have visited the dentist receiving bills of over £300, and 44% of these paying for the treatment by credit card, it is vital that individuals plan how to cover these costs."