Costs of eggs ‘spiralling’ after EU ruling


eggsMost of us are already struggling with rising costs for food, petrol and extras like insurance - and now it seems there are further woes ahead, as a new EU rule appears to be have sparked a sharp increase in the price of eggs.

In fact, eggs - which were once amongst the cheapest food items around at village markets - now cost so much that many traders think they could soon become too expensive for the average family.

County market trader Belinda McLaughlin, of Pickles Cheeses in Preston said: "We have put a sign up to tell customers the reason for the increase. It is already having an impact. People are not buying as many as before."

Sheila Whalley, of Hegarty's, added: "Our costs have also risen and people are thinking twice before they buy."

The new rule, which came into effect in January, states that laying hens must be kept in bigger cages than before to allow them to nest, scratch and roost.

However, many farms cannot afford to upgrade their cages and have now either got rid of their hens or switched to free range production, making eggs more expensive.

You might have noticed that supermarkets used to sell a dozen jumbo eggs for around £1.50 but many are now in the process of raising the price nearer to £2.10, and another price hike could follow soon.

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