Counting the cost of summer holidays

cost of summer holidays

cost of summer holidaysIt's time for parents to groan and children to cheer - the summer holidays are here... and so is the cost of summer holidays.

As the books are packed away, the school uniform is shoved to the back of the wardrobe and your house becomes a centre of energy and enthusiasm, there's only one question: what are you going to do with them?

New research from the Post Office has suggested parents will spend more than £400 trying to keep their kids entertained this summer.

They are expected to fork out around £66 a week - which is 15% of Britain's average weekly wage.

Under pressure

With this in mind it's no surprise that many parents are feeling the strain.

Kids spend half the school year counting down to the next summer break, so there is a lot of pressure on us to make sure it is everything they want it to be.

But the research shows that finding inspiration is a problem for most of us, while others also feel like they have to push their budgets to keep up with what other parents are doing for their kids.

Day trips will be a big expense during the summer period, with eating out and petrol prices also expected to be a huge cross to bear.

Extreme measures

Some parents are even planning to dip into their savings this summer, while a fifth will slap the costs of entertaining their children on their credit cards.

Others are even thinking about selling items on eBay to free up funds or pushing themselves to the limit with overtime to pick up much-needed extra cash.

Plan ahead

One of the best things you can do is to keep a diary during the summer break - that way you can clearly see what's coming up each week without having any nasty surprises sprung upon you at the last minute.

It can also be difficult to maintain your calm as everything gets a little bit more relaxed around the house during the holidays, but maintaining routines can help to stop you from wanting to tear your hair out.

Meanwhile, no matter how old your kids are, you can enlist their help to keep the house tidy - big or small, they can do their bit. Take a look at this summer eBook full of ideas to keep the kids occupied on a budget and grab some inspiration for family days out on a budget here.

Doug Strachan, marketing director at the Post Office, said: "With the summer holidays upon us, children will be jumping up and down with excitement. However, as our research shows, many parents are worried about the impact keeping their kids entertained will have on their purse strings."