Couples to snap up Valentine vouchers!

valentine's meal

valentine's mealUs Brits are suckers for love, but it seems this year we won't be fooled into spending more than we need to.

A survey has revealed that while a third of us plan to spend more money on this Valentine's Day than last year - splashing out over £75 - we're more keen to make our money work harder.

Mums and dads particularly, who are able to celebrate the evening together will be taking advantage of special offers - from money off coupons to vouchers for free champagne with their meals.

Our love for our partners knows no bounds, but it seems our purse strings do!

The poll, conducted by the online restaurant booking site toptable, also suggests many of us are keen to escape from our money worries for that one special night. So why not get a babysitter, throw on that little black dress and celebrate with your man?

And ladies, it looks like we're taking charge when it comes to Valentine's Day reservations! Fed up of waiting for our men to get organised, 60% of women said they'd be making the booking themselves.

Lucy Taylor, head of restaurant dining at toptable, said: "It is great to see that Britons are using both their hearts and their heads this year and aren't being a fool for love, taking advantage of special offers such as free glasses of champagne to accompany meals or money off set courses.

"By doing so, it means that couples can really enjoy more from their dining experience, maybe even visit places they wouldn't be able to normally.

"On toptable, you are able to see special offers available at restaurants of your choice and can even search by restaurant offers only which will pull out all the offers available in your chosen location, arguably a great way to enjoy more this Valentine's Day."

If you're interested in celebrating Valentine's Day on a budget take a look at the MyFamilyClub voucher directory for some great food and drink savings, and this list of Velentine's gift ideas are all under £10.