Current accounts: A change could do you good

current account switch

current account switchWe're all trying to save money in this testing climate, but do we ever think about the value return of our actual bank accounts?

It seems very few of us ever switch account providers, even though there could be better deals on the table elsewhere.

Well now the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has warned banks they must help customers decide whether or not they should switch. Not only must it be made easier for us to change providers, banks must also prompt us to switch if it's best for us.

But it seems there's an obvious reason most of us rarely think of switching - it's too confusing! John Fingleton, the head of the OFT, said: "In banking markets consumers frequently face difficulties in understanding the true cost of running their account and comparing deals from alternative providers."

And it looks like the OFT will be getting tough on banks to do so - they've threatened to break them up, unless they start making the "right prompts" to users who may benefit from a change.

The OFT chief said he was prepared to hand the sector over to the Competition Commission and warned the industry could face the same outcome as airports operator BAA - a forced break-up.

So hopefully in the near future it'll be easier to understand whether we'd be better off switching providers. In the mean time, why not find out how it can benefit you to switch current accounts?

But remember, there are still reasons to think carefully before switching.