Cut Christmas costs with smart driving

family driving

family driving There's nothing better than spending quality time with your family at Christmas.

But sadly it seems some of us might struggle to connect with our loved ones this year, as a result of the tough financial climate.

Upsetting figures from Green Flag Breakdown show that as many as 22% of us might have to go without seeing certain friends and family members this year, because fuel is simply unaffordable.

This equates to around 10.8 million people, the firm said. And it's not just drivers who are feeling the pinch, with 19% unable to pay visits to their loved ones because of rising bus and rail prices.

Green Flag spokesperson Miranda Schunke stated: "Spiralling fuel and travel costs are set to have a real impact on some friends and families getting together over Christmas.

"The festive season burns a big enough hole in family pockets as it is, so it's no surprise that public transport and fuel costs have tipped the balance for many festive celebrations this year."

So what can you do to ease the financial burden this Christmas? Green Flag recommends that car owners should reduce unnecessary weight from their vehicles in a bid to save cash on fuel, check their tyres are pumped up properly, and ensure their cars are regularly serviced.

It added that people's driving styles can also impact upon their spending, and said driving smoothly, within the speed limit can prove useful. The firm also said careful journey planning can be useful.

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