Dads more involved in parenting

Stay-at-home dad

Stay-at-home dadIt appears dads are playing a bigger role in child-rearing than ever before, as the number of stay-at-home dads has risen ten-fold in the last decade, and nearly half of men regularly care for their children while their partner works.

The age-old tradition of the mother at home and the dad at work has certainly changed, as high-flying mums are increasingly on par with, or earning more than, their partners.

When working out who will look after the children, nearly half of families said their decision is based on allowing the main income earner to continue working.

The survey, carried out by insurance company Aviva, showed that in a quarter of families childcare is shared equally between mum and dad. A lot has changed in just one year, as in 2010 just 18% of families shared the load.

Even if the dad does not stay at home permanently to look after the children, many said they have reduced their working hours to help care for their little ones.