DIY: A cracking use of time for 2012


DIYA job shared is a job halved, the old proverb goes, and time-saving Brits up and down the country are certainly taking it to heart.

Every family has its "go-to" person for DIY tasks around the home, but now it appears that actually, "Do it Together" may be a more up-to-date naming of the practice, with new trends developing in our households.

While many people surveyed recently admit that their new year's resolution is to spend more of their time on a hobby or something they really enjoy, a vastly improved 56% say that finding time for home improvements is top of their list this time round.

Bosch Power Tools, which commissioned the research, also showed that a generous 78% of us have helped a family member or friend with a DIY chore at some point in the past.

But if it's neighbourly love you're looking for, maybe don't look for it in London! Apparently only 34% of capital-dwellers are prepared to help their neighbour with a job, compared to a far more helpful 55% of northerners.

Setting the aim of completing more DIY work next year is great, and a hugely efficient use of your spare time.

And by splitting the workload, you could be freeing up even more time for you and your family to enjoy the finer things in life!