Drought crisis ‘could raise food costs’

rising food prices

rising food pricesWe've all heard news reports about the threat of a looming drought crisis in the UK.

But now certain forecasters are warning that water shortages could have a serious effect on food prices, as well as leaving us with less of the wet stuff.

Two dry winters have reduced the country's water reserves, and fears have arisen that the UK could be about to experience its worst drought in 124 years.

Now, some experts believe that drought conditions and rising demand for food as a result of the London 2012 Olympics could cause supermarket prices to soar.

Vicky Redwood, of independent research firm Capital Economics, said food price inflation could be seen if the drought conditions get even worse.

She stated: "Inflation was expected to go down, so it could just be a case of it not falling as much. If we get a very bad drought people will see the cost of fresh fruit and vegetables most affected."

Weather experts have said that in order to avoid a major drought crisis, the UK really needs to see some prolonged rainfall in the weeks ahead.

Sadly, the weather may not be so obliging, with no heavy rain forecast for March at present.