EasyJet warned over discount advertising

airline booking

airline bookingMany of us will be keeping an eye out for cheap flights this summer as we aim to save cash while enjoying a relaxed break.

But it might be worth running through with a fine tooth comb the claims airlines actually make with regards to prices.

Budget carrier easyJet has received criticism from the UK advertising watchdog in relation to claims that 30% discounts were set to apply to all of its on board seats.

Three complaints have been upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) regarding the firm's email and television adverts.

The adverts, circulating from January, were said to have been misleading because they advertised 'sale' prices which were actually the same before the launch of the promotion.

Because of different sections of seats selling out, easyJet suggested that customers could see fares rise when booking tickets, even during promotional periods.

However, the watchdog said that the airline should not indicate to people that all flights are subject to quoted discounts, unless 10% of seats on a plane are actually discounted by the 'up to' figure which is quoted.

The authority stated: "We told them that, for similar promotions, they must hold evidence to substantiate that quoted discounts applied to those seats which were actually available to consumers at the start of the promotional period."