eCards and texts – a thoughtful alternative

christmas text

christmas textAre you putting off that entire evening spent sat at the kitchen table writing your Christmas cards - or maybe you've already done so?

While still a festive and fairly enjoyable task, Christmas card writing can be not only time consuming but expensive, with the costs of nice cards - not to mention postage - all mounting up during a difficult time of the financial year.

If you love the custom of spreading festive cheer but find the job a drain on your time and pocket, why not climb on board the technological revolution and send your Christmas messages by text, email or even eCard? If you've already done them, there's always next year!

Many people have already saved themselves stacks of time for other things by doing just that this year, according to Comet. The electrical retailer says that more than half of us are now sending Christmas messages via text messages, or even with the help of Facebook and Twitter.

It was estimated that last year some £259 million was spent by people posting physical Christmas cards to their loved ones, and with many of our mobile phone contracts offering stacks of free text messages, there's cash to be saved!

This is the exact sentiment of a third of those polled, who said that using texts or Facebook is a good way to keep the costs of Christmas down.

People wanting to send seasons greeting electronically, but perhaps with a more personal note, can opt for an eCard, something which Comet offers on its website for free.

Bill Moir, Comet marketing director, said: "Technology is fun and reliable and most importantly cheaper than sending traditional Christmas cards.

"Plus if you have missed the postal deadline, no problem, you can still let your friends and family know you care with the quick delivery of our e-card."

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