Energy efficiency key for 82% of us

solar panels on house

solar panels on houseSoaring energy bills are such a big concern for families nowadays that 82% of us are looking out for energy efficient features when buying a new home.

Whereas seven years ago, the vast majority (80.5%) of buyers didn't consider eco measures at all when looking for their next pad, it's now become a serious priority.

And the main reason? To save money of course. Even more so than for environmental reasons.

Potential buyers are keeping their eyes out for 'A' rated appliances with low energy consumption, solar panels and water butts for collecting rain water.

And it's no wonder we're more concerned - the average dual fuel energy bill has risen by a worrying 117% to £1,293 since 2005.

The findings came to light in new research from SmartNewHomes.

Steve Lees, Director of SmartNewHomes, comments: "Rising energy bills are a major concern for most families, with 7 million households now in fuel poverty according to Consumer Focus the statutory consumer champion.

"Homebuyers can no longer afford to ignore the opportunity to save money on their energy bills by taking into account the green credentials of any home they are considering buying."

But there are other ways of reducing your energy bill aside from energy efficient technology. For example, don't block radiators, only do a wash when you've got a full load, and use lids when cooking - to name but a few.

You might also want to consider getting free home insulation - it could save you hundreds of pounds a year.