How energy efficient kitchens pay off

kitchen energy

kitchen energyThe kitchen is an important place for most families - the place where most of us meet in the morning for breakfast and then again after work and school for a daily catch up.

But the heart of your home could be unnecessarily haemorrhaging money, and you could be missing out on big savings if you neglect to capture the most environmentally friendly appliances.

You could right now be ploughing a lot of your hard-earned cash into your fridge, washing machine or dishwasher, so it's time to get switched on to lean, green kitchen machines!

Each year, we are spending a combined £43 million more than we should on energy bills because we are failing to understand how much energy our appliances burn, according to an Ikea study.

Over a seven-year period, you could save more than £1,300 on the cost of running five kitchen appliances, just by being a savvy energy saver.

Which? put a few of the mod cons to the test, to see which should be switched on and which should be switched off.

The consumer watchdog found that the Zanussi ZRT318W fridge-freezer, costing £249, costs £39 less to run annually in comparison to the Indesit BAN12NF, at £250 - which costs a whopping £371 over a seven-year period.

Likewise, Samsung's WF8804RPA washing machine was not as favourable as HotPoint's WMD942G Ultima.

The HotPoint model was £75 less than its competitor, and costs a mere third of the Samsung model's annual energy spend, which works out at £84 every 12 months.

It's a good idea to read up on the energy ratings of appliances before making a purchase, as you never know what effect your fridge or freezer will have on your bills. The worst rating is a D rating - try to get an appliance with the best rating possible.

To save money on your fridge, try not to place it near a radiator or cooker - it will just be using more energy to cool itself down.

If your fridge is buzzing, that buzz could be bad news for your bills. There could be dust and dirt on the condenser coils behind it, which should be cleaned every year to let air circulate and to improve efficiency.

Changing and cleaning door seals can help - these simple repairs could save you money by improving efficiency. Defrosting can also make your fridge perform better.

Another tip is to put a torch inside your fridge to make sure you do not have a leak. If you shut the door, and light is leaking around the seals, it needs fixing. If the seals are OK, measure the temperature inside with a thermometer to make sure the freezer is about -18C and the fridge is 3 to 5C. If you are looking to refresh your kitchen then I can recommend Columbus Ohio kitchen remodeling is available to help renovate your kitchen and give you the dream kitchen. And if you're interested in all types of sports surfacing, you can visit TIA!