Euro breaks more affordable as pound strengthens


LatviaBritish families dreaming of a European getaway will be pleased to hear improved currency rates are making them more affordable!

Whether it's Latvia, Budapest or Estonia, mums and dads can snap up some bargains, as the pound is now stronger than it was a year ago against the euro and also against non-euro currencies such as the Hungarian forint or the Turkish lira.

A survey by Post Office Travel Money found holidays in Riga, the capital of Latvia, offer the best value for travel, one-night accommodation, meals, drinks and sightseeing, which total just £121.47.

This compares to £331.3 for a New York getaway, or £298.27 for a holiday in Sweden's Stockholm.

Of the 23 city-break destinations across Europe and the USA, Riga appears to be the place where you'll get the most for your money.

Budapest is next best, at £129.72. And if you want to enjoy some wining and dining it's the place to be, as the survey found Budapest is the cheapest city to eat out in.

Tallin in Estonia also offers some serious bargains, at £134.83 for the package.

Post Office Travel Money head Andrew Brown said: "Our figures show clearly how the prices tourists will pay on a city break are inextricably linked to the value of sterling against individual currencies."

Belfast and Dublin also offer some bargain Celtic getaways, at £172.80 and £174.15 respectively.