Expert offers families saving tips

family saving

family saving We all know times are tough but saving a little extra cash each month is important in preparing for your family's future.

After all, your children's weddings and tuition fees sadly won't pay for themselves!

While interest rates remain at all-time low levels, a financial expert has issued some guidance to those who are keen to stash some of their hard-earned cash.

HSBC's head of savings, Bruno Genovese, suggests that despite the Bank of England's 0.5% base rate, it is vital that savers "make the best of their situation".

He recommends that they "use their tax efficient savings allowances, hunt for the highest rates available and perhaps offset any remaining savings against their mortgage if they have one".

And while he believes interest rates are unlikely to sky-rocket any time soon, Mr Genovese is more upbeat when it comes to inflation. He says that prices are likely to fall next year, offering some respite to families.