Families £15 worse off this year

counting pound coins

counting pound coinsDo you feel like things have been tighter financially this Christmas than they were last?

Well Asda reckons that families are losing out to the tune of £15 a week compared to last year, after 12 months of pressure on our everyday spending power.

The supermarket's Income tracker revealed that during November - a month which sees mums and dads forking out for Christmas presents - disposable income was down almost a tenth year-on-year.

It showed that it fell 8.4% to reach £161, with the day-to-day cost of heating our homes and running our cars cited as having an impact.

Figures showed that gas prices were up a quarter year-on-year during October, while electricity prices rose more than a tenth.

The increases will have hit many of us parents in the pocket, even though the weather has been milder than last year's big freeze.

But what about filling up to take the kids to school or dance class or wherever? Well, the AA says that in the 10 months to November petrol prices rose more than a tenth.

Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) managing economist Charles Davis said: "Difficult times are set to continue for British households, as economic fallout from the on-going debt crisis in the eurozone takes its toll on employment and wage growth prospects in the UK.

"The rising cost of living is expected to slow further in the coming months, taking some pressure off, but household budgets are likely to be constrained for some time to come."

Now the heady rush of Christmas has passed, you may be fretting over how much you've spent and how you're going to get through the coming month.

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