Families Beware! London 2012 food prices

london 2012 food prices

london 2012 food pricesThose of us lucky enough to have bagged London 2012 Olympic tickets will be looking forward to the summer with an added sense of excitement... but look away now if you haven't seen the food prices.

Having already spent good money on tickets, and possibly travel arrangements, many may be best advised to stock up on food and refreshments before they enter the fray, as the prices inside may not look particularly family-friendly.

With more than 800 food concessions offering around 150 dishes at the games, there will certainly be a lot to choose from.

But although Locog chief executive Paul Deighton believes the Olympic refreshment prices to be "comparable to other major sporting events" with food and drink for a family of four available for around £40, it is important to be aware of the food prices beforehand and plan accordingly.

Drinks and refreshments at the Games

A cup of tea will cost £2, a cup of coffee £2.60 and an 18.7cl quarter-bottle of wine £4.80.

So if we are blessed with a nice hot summer during the Games, it may be an idea to quench thirsts at home or by purchasing a bottle of water for around 25p at your local supermarket, for instance, rather than paying the Olympic-event price of £1.60.

Also, although for security reasons spectators will not be allowed to bring in more than 100ml of liquid, empty bottles can be brought for use with free water-coolers situated at event locations - a real money-saving tip, especially with the little ones in tow.

A refreshing brew may also be out of reach for many at £4.20 for a 330ml bottle of Heineken beer - the only beer on sale at London 2012. Add a jacket potato to the mix and the price reaches £13.

This equates to almost twice the national average price - at £7.23 a pint - and is a great deal more than the £4.70 paid for a pint at Wembley Stadium, say the British Beer and Pub Association - so perhaps best to stay off the booze, which is not always a bad idea anyway.

Buying meals and snacks at Olympic events

Picnics and 'excessive' amounts of food are banned from Olympic sites, so the temptation to treat the family on a special day out will be much higher - but it is important to be aware of food prices in advance and budget in any treats and meals bought.

Popular meals like cod and chips will cost £8, and at £8.50 for lamb curry and rice, it may be cheaper to buy from local takeaways along the journey to Olympic events.

There are cheaper snack options, of course - a jacket potato with bacon and chicken is £5.80; a cheese, chutney and lettuce sandwich is £3.80; while carrot and cucumber sticks with red pesto hummus is £2.50.

As ever, family budgeting will be crucial for those getting involved in the London celebrations, and perhaps after hearing these food prices, the most important area to look at will be how to get the most from your supermarket shopping.