Families enjoying nature to save money

great outdoors with kids

great outdoors with kidsOutdoor family pursuits could soon overtake cinema-going and computer-game playing, as more cash-strapped parents entertain their kids with nature.

According to a study by Arla Foods, large numbers of parents are heading to the park, seaside and countryside in a bid to save money.

It found the majority of mums and dads are spending up to five hours more a week in the great outdoors with their kids than two years ago because of financial constraints.

And it's a genius idea - visiting the countryside costs nothing for more than 40% of parents, and for 70% a trip to the local park doesn't cost a penny.

Enjoying the great outdoors is certainly much cheaper than buying toys, gadgets and days out, which can set parents back significantly if relied upon as a regular source of fun.

Some 70% of mums and dads say they fork out up to £100 per month on cinema visits, while 54% spend the same amount on computer games.

Writer and researcher Tim Gill said: "Times are hard, so parents have to make savings. But the good news is that families are realising that fresh air costs nothing.

"Getting under the open sky - whether in a local park or the great British countryside - is the perfect way for kids to explore, have adventures and feed their curiosity and imagination."