Families lose £680 in food waste every year

Family food waste

Family food wasteGetting your kids to finish their dinner can be a real struggle, but research showing how much cash we're throwing away in food every year could offer extra incentive to get them to clean their plate.

A study from Birds Eye has found the average family with children bins food totalling £680 every year, working out at a hugely wasteful £680 billion nationwide.

With money so tight, the findings may come as a surprise, particularly when you work out the food waste equates to £13 every week - a significant chunk of the average £68 weekly family food shopping bill.

If you're fretting over a bin full of sliced bread and half-eaten spuds you can at least take solace in the fact you're not alone - the study of 2,116 people found some 91% of parents throw away food.

Researchers suggest our casual attitude to food waste is a big factor, with most parents thinking they only throw away around £270 worth of food every year.

The research was carried out alongside Wrap (Waste & Resources Action Programme).

It found people overspending at the supermarket is the main issue for the soaring levels of food waste, with more than a third claiming that was the case. Around a fifth of people felt they overfilled their trolleys because of buy-one-get-one-free deals and other offers.

Researchers also said a lack of sensible, cost-effective meal planning was a factor in the waste levels.

Waste Minister Lord Taylor of Holbeach said: "Wasting perfectly good food is bad for household budgets and bad for the environment, which is why we are taking action to help people cut down on what they throw away.

"Through Wrap's Love Food Hate Waste campaign we are helping households to waste less and save money, while our new guidance on food date labelling has cleared up confusion about when food is safe to eat."