Families ‘may find cashback cards useful’

credit cards including American Express

credit cards including American ExpressCredit cards can offer a useful way for us parents to get through to payday if we're hit by unexpected expenses like car repair work, additional childcare costs or inflated winter energy bills.

While there are many products available to the public at present, competition in the credit card market could be set to increase further thanks to American Express.

The firm has revealed that it intends to double the introductory rate which it offers on its Platinum Cashback card.

Up to a limit of £2,000, card holders will be able to take advantage of a 5% rate in the first three months after they gain membership.

Once the £2,000 limit has been reached, a cashback rate of 1.25% will apply.

Cashback cards could potentially help families pay for £14,300 worth of everyday goods and services each year, American Express head of credit cards Julie Hay indicated.

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