Families ”spend £560 on Christmas”

christmas presents

christmas presentsWith the festive season on its way, you'll no doubt be thinking about ways to cut the cost of your Christmas shopping this year.

A new survey suggests, however, that many people are reluctant to reduce their spending, with the average family planning to splash out £560 on celebrating Christmas. It seems the lure of getting the biggest Christmas smiles out of our kids is just too much for most.



Almost half of those parents surveyed said they will spend the same amount on presents as they did last year, while many plan to spend just as much on food, drink and entertainment.



But you should find that there are some useful ways to save money this Christmas without having to cut back.

Many mums and dads plan to use discount vouchers to help with the cost of presents, while others are keen to cash in their retailer reward points.



Ashtar Antoine from HSBC, which carried out the survey, said: "Our research shows that despite the recent economic gloom, many households still plan to spend money celebrating this special time of the year."