Families spend three minutes on breakfast!

Time for breakfast

Time for breakfastIt's known as the most important meal of the day, so why are so many of us failing to make the time for it?

According to new research, families up and down the country are spending a mere three minutes and 15 seconds eating breakfast during the week - with over a third of us feeling our breakfast eating time has fallen over the past five years.

And for the majority of us, it's the pressure of wanting to get into work as early as possible which is holding us back, according to the Weetabix Breakfast Habits Report.

Busy morning schedules are also being blamed for the drop in families sitting down for breakfast together. Just a third of parents now make time to sit down with their children for a family breakfast.

The morning rush has led to a fifth of parents admitting their children are forced to eat breakfast in the car, while one in three say the kids don't have anything. The 44% who do squeeze in a quick bite are usually forced to eat it while getting ready for work.

For those struggling to make time for breakfast why not try out some handy tips from Sian Porter, Weetabix's consultant nutritionist and dietitian.

She said: "There are a number of things you can do to kick-start a good breakfast routine. Trying something different such as adding hot milk can help you to get out of a rut and gives you a new breakfast time ritual. Set the alarm just 5-10 minutes earlier to create an extra pocket of time you didn't have before, or keep something healthy at work for your 'deskfast'.

"All of these things will stop you from buying breakfast on the run, and mean you're less likely to reach for that less than healthy mid-morning snack.

"Our biggest challenge is to put breakfast back into our morning routine so that people, especially kids, spend time in the morning making sure they're getting the energy and all of the nutrients they need to get through those busy days."