Families warned of airline price changes

airline booking

airline bookingIf you're planning on booking flights with Ryanair or easyJet for your next family holiday, you'll need to be aware of certain price changes they have recently applied.

Ryanair is adding 25p to all its bookings. It says the move is to cover the cost of the European Emissions Trading System (ETS) green tax scheme, which it said would hit passengers in the pocket this year.

The per-passenger levy is being charged on bookings made from Tuesday, so if you've been saving up to book Ryanair flights for your holiday, don't forget that you'll need a little bit extra.

Ryanair's Stephen McNamara said: "This latest EU stealth tax will damage traffic, tourism, European competitiveness and jobs at a time when no other economic block is including aviation in their ETS schemes.

"This new ETS tax is the latest in a long line of cost increases imposed on Europe's air passengers by the European Union, which reduces the competitiveness of EU air transport with yet another misguided 'environmental' tax which does nothing for the environment but penalises EU consumers and families."

Meanwhile, families planning on flying with easyJet this summer should also be aware of changes made to its pricing.

The airline has brought in a flat £9 administration charge to replace its existing booking fee of £8 levied on people paying with the majority of debit cards.

People with any debit card other than Visa Electron were charged an £8 booking fee previously. Those using a credit card were charged 2.5% on top of the £8.

Now the flat £9 administration fee will apply to all bookings, but those paying with credit cards will still face an additional handling charge.

A spokesman confirmed: "Whilst passengers using a credit card will pay an additional fee to cover handling costs, easyJet will not charge passengers for handling debit card payments. The admin fee is charged on all bookings and contributes to the airline's administrative costs."

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