Family holidays ‘help parents catch up on time with kids’

family holidays

family holidaysMost of us working mums and dads know how hard it can be to spend quality time with our kids during the week - but family holidays might be the best way for us to catch up, a new study suggests.

The research for self-catering holiday provider cottages4you found that working parents only spend 81 minutes a day with their children, but on holiday we're with our kids for an average of 10 hours per day.

This means that we could spend as much quality time with our kids on a one-week holiday as we normally would in around two months at home.

And considering that most of us are entitled to at least 28 paid work and public holidays a year, we could clock up around seven months of quality time with our family - if we make the most of it.

Visiting landmarks 'favourite holiday activity'

The survey, which looked at the impact family holidays has on the family dynamic, also asked parents about their favourite holiday activities.

Around three in ten (29%) said they like to visit historic landmarks with their children, making this the most popular family activity.

Around a fifth (21%) of parents said they like to play games and sports with their children on holiday, and just under a fifth (18%) of mums and dads said their favourite activity was building sandcastles with their kids.

Nick Rudge from cottages4you said: "The traditional family holiday or short break away with the kids is vital to the family dynamic, particularly for those working parents who have to juggle a demanding career and household chores.

"However, the family holiday is much more than just catching-up on some much-needed quality time as it also enables parents to share activities and experiences and form a unique bond with their child that they would be unable to do back home."

The survey also found that parents living in Newcastle get the most quality time with their kids out of family holidays, with more than half (51%) spending up to 12 hours with the family.

Even if you're too busy or don't have the money to go on holiday with your family, there are still plenty of ways to juggle household chores with family-focused activities.