Family money attitudes ‘have changed’

nation of savvy savers

nation of savvy saversFrom the depths of the recession a new community of savvy savers has emerged, with a noticeable sea change in British families' attitudes towards personal finance.

Data from the Bacs Family Finance Tracker found that more and more people have grown wiser in relation to monitoring their income and outgoings in the face of the weak economy.

It surveyed 5,000 families and found that two in three of those polled said they always make sure their credit cards have been fully paid off, as opposed to 52% of those who said the same two years ago.

Interestingly, the number of people who regularly splash out on gifts for themselves has fallen to 27%, whereas in 2010 it was around the 33% mark.

And the report showed a breakdown of a typical family's bills, where £7,500 was spent on rent/mortgage, utilities and food, while £4,100 would go towards "personal costs" which includes things like insurance and gym memberships.

To try to help families save on their household bills, Bacs and the Daily Mirror have collaborated and are giving readers an opportunity to win £5,000 to fund the daily living costs.

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