Family petrol bill rises by £13.27

fuel gauge

fuel gaugeSince January families with two petrol cars have seen their monthly fuel bill increase by £13.27.

That is according to the AA, which revealed just how hard families are being hit by soaring fuel prices.

With petrol now at an average of 138.50p a litre, and diesel at an even loftier 145.45p, it's becoming increasingly expensive for mums and dads just to get from A to B.

And as AA president Edmund King points out, it's even harder for families who have had to move further away to find affordable housing. It's a huge worry for those whose budgets are on a knife-edge because of the cost of childcare and the school run.

Usually running the car becomes cheaper in the summer months, as the reduced car engine's winter workload improves fuel efficiency by at least two miles per gallon (2mpg). This means those with petrol cars can save around £4.85 a tank in certain months.

But the AA found these summer savings will be wiped out by the rising cost of fuel. And the Treasury's 3.624p-a-litre fuel duty increase with VAT, planned for August 1, will "finish the job", it says.

FInd out what practical actions you can take today to reduce your fuel usage.

"Rather than pushing ahead with the fuel duty increase, the Treasury would do better to freeze fuel duty and work on a fuel price stabiliser that is relevant to current record prices," said Mr King.

Every little counts when it comes to savings in the current motoring climate, so these simple tips on how to cut your car costs could be of big help.