Family saving starts in the kitchen!

saving money in the kitchen

saving money in the kitchenWe're all starting to feel the pinch this month, and if you're looking to areas in which to save serious money the answer could well lie in the weekly food shop.

The average family is thought to have spent more than £500 during the festive season, and if you're counting the cost of the celebrations you're probably wondering how you can start making cutbacks on your grocery bills.

Swapping takeaways for home-cooked meals is one of the best ways to save, and a new report by the charity Family Action can help you cook healthy and nutritious meals without breaking the bank.

Its top tips include cutting out costly ingredients such as meat and fish, and replacing them with cheaper alternatives like lentils and chickpeas, which can be quickly transformed into a delicious curry with the help of onions and a few spices.

Eggs are another super-saver ingredient - they can be eaten for breakfast and lunch, while scrambled eggs can also make a quick, cheap, protein-rich dinner.

Buying in bulk can also help you save big at the supermarket. If your family seems to scoff carbohydrates at an alarming rate, you might want to consider buying rice and pasta in two-kilogramme bags!

If you've got any leftovers, recycle them. Add beans or pearl barley and a dash of low-fat creme fraiche to vegetables and meat to make a tasty soup - perfect as a healthy snack or even a meal on its own.

For more tips on saving some cash on your food shop, take a look at this guide on making supermarket savings.