First of its kind bond for families

Savings bond

Savings bondWe're all used to being regularly told about the importance of saving, particularly those of us with young families. But how often does turning this ideal into practice turn out to be harder than it seems?

In a new initiative which aims to "turn the savings market on its head", Santander has launched a brand new savings scheme; a bond, which will pay our interest upfront.

Now you're listening! To put that in perspective, anyone who manages to save £12,000 will automatically receive £1,000 in net interest straight off the bat.

The Upfront Interest Bond pays three years' interest in advance, which means those who open an account before November 20 will receive the interest in time for Christmas.

Of course, these products are only to be taken advantage of for those in the right situation and will not necessarily prove a helping hand to all. If in doubt, seek some professional financial advice before committing to anything.

Customers must deposit at least £10,000 for a three-year term for the bond, which offers a fixed rate of 3.36% gross AER.