Free insulation could save £315 a year!

loft insulation

loft insulationHeating bills are among the essential costs we all need to budget for when the weather takes its turn for the worse.

So how does the idea of making a saving of £315 every year on your heating bill sound... too good to be true?!

Think again, as a new research study has calculated that the use of adequate insulation could drastically help to reduce the chill factor on family finances during the colder winter months.

And what's more, all families have to do is simply take advantage of free Government insulation programmes - which aim to help 1.3 million households finally escape from fuel poverty.

Loft, pipe and floor insulation could help each of these households to reduce their spending by as much as £315 a year.

At present, 4.1 million of the nation's householders are affected by fuel poverty due to rising energy costs - this status offically applies to those of us paying 10% or more of our income on energy bills.

Paula Bateman, corporate affairs director at Rockwool, which undertook the research, said: "A simple phone call to your energy company or down to your local DIY store is all that's needed.

"Government is committed to ending fuel poverty by 2016 and helping more households cut energy bills and boost home insulation.

"In an age where incomes are squeezed and living costs are rising, failing to take advantage of a scheme that could save the average family £315 a year, equivalent to the price of a laptop or a new television, seems a missed opportunity and we strongly encourage homeowners to act now."

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