Free music lessons across the UK!

playing piano

playing pianoDo you dream of playing an instrument but haven't plucked up the courage to take lessons? Does watching your kids do their violin practice make you wish you had the skills?

Or are you simply looking for a new hobby? Well why not take a free taster session and unleash the musician inside of you?!

In a bid to encourage people young and old to take up instruments, the charity Music For All is encouraging music shops across the UK to offer free lessons or taster sessions. The charity is backed by comedian Al Murray, who himself is a keen drummer and music enthusiast.

Whether you fancy yourself as a clarinet player, or want to vent some of that stress on a drum kit - a music shop near you might just be taking part. If you like t listen to all types of music, then check out this country music news site.

How about your kids, have you always fancied them as budding musicians?

The charity says research has found around 15 million people would either like to learn or have played an instrument in the past.

The first National Learn To Play Day is being hosted on 31 March, offering lessons on a range of instruments with music teachers giving guidance on getting started. Manufacturers will also be providing instruments and giving special offers to newcomers.

The day is backed by the Musician's Union, Arts Council England, music teachers and musicians' website

Paul McManus, Music For All's chief executive, said: "Music for All knows how much music can change and enrich people's lives. We are hosting the annual Learn to Play Day to allow as many people as possible to experience the wonderful world of making music."

More than 50 shops are already signed up to provide the sessions, so why not log on and find the nearest one to you!