Free nursery education for more UK families

toddler childcare

toddler childcareMany parents find nursery education a godsend - it enables their young ones to learn and play, while helping them to juggle their work commitments.

And the good news is that even more families could benefit from free nursery education in the future, following an announcement made in Chancellor George Osborne's Autumn Statement this week.

Mr Osborne indicated that free nursery schooling will soon be provided to two fifths of the nation's two-year-olds, with help initially targeting Britain's less well-off families.

This will double the number of youngsters who are currently eligible for the scheme, with around 260,000 in line to receive the support.

Speaking to MPs in the House of Commons, the politician said: "I can tell the House today that we can double the number of children who will receive this free nursery care.

"Education. Early years learning. That is how you change the life chances of our least well off - and genuinely lift children out of poverty," he added.

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Mr Osborne's statement also confirmed plans, originally announced at the weekend, to spend £600 million on funding and extra 100 free schools, some of which will focus on maths for 16 to 18-year-olds.

"This will give our most talented young mathematicians the chance to flourish,"Mr Osborne said.