Fuel costs keeping us off the road

fuel gauge

fuel gaugeRising fuel costs have piled further pressure on the budgets of UK families in recent times, and the soaring prices of petrol may force more of us to cut back on our car use next year.

According to the AA, sales of petrol went down by 2.4 billion litres between January and September of last year, when compared with statistics from 2008.

And now the firm believes that 40% of its members plan to either reduce their driving or take to the roads in a more economical manner in the coming 12 months, in a bid to save money in light of the difficult economic climate.

Paul Watters, head of AA Public Affairs, said the financial burden of driving could place constraints on the lives of ordinary people.

He added: "We have reached the stage where motoring is once again only easily affordable for the better off and, with the car still the mainstay means of travel for the majority, that is depressing news at the start of 2012."

Many of us have little choice but to use our cars, whether it's getting the kids to school, or ourselves into work. If there is no immediate means for you to drive less often, you could at least look into these smart driving tips for getting the most for your money.