‘Fuel more pricey than weekly food shop’

fuel prices

fuel pricesFor months and months now fuel prices have been a headache for families, and now a new survey has revealed some are spending more filling up their cars than on their weekly food shopping.

According to the AA, the cost of filling up a 50-litre family car is around a mammoth £71.24.

This is slightly more than the £70.10 spent by an average household with two children on food and non-alcoholic drinks per week.

And things have got considerably worse for families over the past few months. For a family with two cars, it is now £22 more expensive to top up with petrol than it was at the beginning of the year.

The problem was compounded by the panic-buying of fuel which swept across the nation last month, amid fears fuel tanker drivers would strike.

"Panic buying in March forced some cash-strapped families to spend far more on fuel than their budgets could bear," said AA president Edmund King.

Prices hit a new high this week. Petrol costs 142.48p per litre, while diesel costs 147.88p per litre.

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