Fuel poverty crisis: Keep our families warm

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radiator dialAre you finding it hard to juggle taking care of bills and your kids at the same time?

During the bitterly cold conditions of January and February staying warm is essential, but for some families it's a luxury they're struggling to afford.

After Christmas, spare cash is scarce at the best of times, but the current financial climate will make the unpleasant surprise of opening your winter energy bill even more unwelcome.

Save the Children has warned that energy suppliers are not doing enough to help families bear this burden.

The charity has highlighted a 'huge' shortfall in funding for the Warm Homes Discount scheme, which has been put in place to offer help to young families that need it.

As a result, it has predicted that only 25,000 households will receive assistance - compared to the 800,000 who qualify for the discounts.

Nobody understands the importance of sacrifice more than mums, but with many already doing all they can, the worry now is that children will suffer too.

The charity has launched a No Child Left In The Cold campaign urging the energy giants and the Government to plug this funding gap and allow families to receive the much-needed discount.

It is also pushing for more low income families to be made aware of the scheme.

Chief executive Justin Forsyth said: "It's unacceptable that 97% of the UK's poorest families who need help heating their homes this winter will get nothing because energy companies have not put up nearly enough money.

"Without this help the choice for parents is stark: cut back on food, get into debt or risk their children's health because they can't afford to keep them warm. The scheme urgently needs millions more from the energy companies, or the cost will be counted in children's futures."

Are you desperately trying to find ways to save cash on energy bills? It might be worth considering switching your supplier if there is a better deal available.