Fuel prices lowered after Sainsbury’s cuts its costs

Sainsbury's Fuel Price Drop

Sainsbury's Fuel Price DropAs more and more families are dragged into the battle against the rising costs of living, a major supermarket has done its bit to help out by offering cheaper fuel at a particularly damaging time.

Sainsbury's, which we all know as one of the biggest supermarkets in Britain and which owns 266 petrol stations around the country, gave the welcome news to penny-counting shoppers that from this week both petrol and diesel will cost 3p less per litre than before.

While 3p may not sound like much on its own, road users are very quick to notice any change in how much it costs to refuel their car or motorbike because of how expensive trips to the petrol station have been in recent months.

Mums and dads have been relieved to see fuel prices fall at lots of different petrol stations - with pumps owned by Asda, Tesco and Morrisons all recently starting to offer cheaper fuel.

Sainsbury's have also said that anyone who does a big shop of £50 or more either in store or on their website can have a further 5p per litre off the price of petrol, taking total savings to 8p per litre of either petrol or diesel.

Tesco shoppers have been offered the biggest fuel savings, with people who buy two nine-packs of toilet roll awarded 10p per litre off their next fuel top-up. This comes as music to the ears of thousands of motorists who have hinted that any further hikes in fuel price would cause them to have to consider taking their car off the road altogether.

David Wood, the head of marketing at Tesco, said: "Toilet rolls are an essential in every customer's trolley so this is a great promotion. We know that families are feeling the pinch and the cost of fuel continues to be a concern for many, so I am delighted to be offering great value in store and on the forecourt."

The recession means the UK is not making as much money as it should, and has made life very difficult for families who have less money to spend on essentials like food and heating. Petrol is one of the most expensive things families have to buy, and drivers are likely to be delighted with the latest cuts to fuel prices.