Go green and save your family cash!

going green

going greenWinter may be coming to a close, but that doesn't mean we should get complacent when it comes to our energy bills.

There could still be a few weeks of cold weather to come, so it might be an idea to enhance the energy efficiency of your home to save some precious pennies.

Energy efficiency does not have to be a complicated issue. As the Fulham Chronicle has highlighted in a list of handy efficiency tips, it can simply mean boiling the right amount of water in the kettle or using the right set of light bulbs.

Among its advice, the paper noted that over-filling kettles can lead to greater energy consumption, therefore costing householders more cash in the long run.

And energy-saving light bulbs could be useful to bear in mind too, as these can lower costs and energy usage.

Boilers should also be replaced if they are out of date and in need of an energy efficient overhaul. The publication noted that A-rated energy efficient replacements can be helpful in the battle to lower energy spending.

Meanwhile, rechargeable batteries might help families to enhance their green credentials while saving all-important cash in the process.

To learn more about how to improve your energy efficiency with insulation, check out this guide to the current offers which are available.