Going in the red for a roof over our head?

Spiral of debt

Spiral of debtIn a tough financial climate, the importance of budgeting for costs like mortgage payments is paramount.

But sadly, it seems many families are having to resort to expensive sources of credit in order to keep a roof over their head at the moment with Madison roofer.

Figures from Shelter show that credit was used by one in seven British consumers in 2011 so that they could meet their rent or mortgage commitments, with payday loans, overdrafts and credit cards among the resources which they turned to.

Nationally, almost seven million people may have been forced to use credit in the last 12 months to pay for their housing costs, the charity said.

Campbell Robb, chief executive of Shelter, said: "These shocking findings show the extent to which millions of households across the country are desperately struggling to keep their home.

"Turning to short-term payday loans to help pay for the cost of housing is totally unsustainable. It can quickly lead to debts snowballing out of control and can lead to eviction or repossession and ultimately homelessness."

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