Greece expected to offer super savings for 2012


GreeceIf you're trying to work out how you can have a summer holiday next year without breaking the bank, you might want to follow the advice of one travel firm and head to Greece.

On the Beach said that the country will offer families the best value break next year, a call which you may welcome if you were thinking that a holiday next summer would be way off the mark.

But why is Greece the place for those with saving high on the agenda? Well, the tour operator reckons it's to do with Greek hoteliers slashing prices to offset the effects of the financial meltdown.

So if you do plan on following the advice of On the beach, what kind of discounts can you expect? If you're heading to Santorini you could save more than a quarter on hotel prices compared to last year, the firm said.

Another destination offering savings on last year was Kefalonia, with a 17% drop - according to the research.

Alistair Daly, the company's marketing director, said: "Our research shows that many hoteliers are offering... discounts on summer holidays in order to entice the British holidaymaker.

"We expect many to follow suit, which is great news for people looking for great value holidays."

Of course, not everyone wants to go to Greece, but everyone does want to save cash. With this in mind, read this guide to finding the best deals for summer 2012.