‘Grow your own’ and cut the shopping bill

grow your own

grow your ownThe cost of feeding your family can be huge, so it's no wonder so many of us are dreaming of adopting the 'grow your own' method and saving bag loads of money in the process.

Cultivating your own food is fast becoming a popular trend across the UK and it appears a growing number of people yearn to become more independent in these difficult economic times.


A survey by speciality cheese maker Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses reveals 82% of Britons want to become more self-sufficient, craving a homespun lifestyle that is free from the pressures of modern living and consumerism.

One in four claim to be either growing their own food, baking bread or making jam and chutney in an effort to achieve this.

It seems becoming self-reliant is now something to boast about, with 31% saying their neighbours and friends now like to show off how much money they save thanks to their home-making abilities.

Competitive parents have even started exaggerating their skills, with 22% saying they have lied about their self-sufficiency. More than a third (34%) admit to passing off shop food as their own, while 15% even admit to passing off designer clothes as second-hand or charity-shop bargains.

The 'grow your own' method is not just about saving money, it can also help improve family relationships. Getting the kids involved can be a great way of doing stuff together, even replacing some of those expensive day trips.

Don't waste anything

We all know that finding the time to cook is not always easy. However, home cooking doesn't need to be expensive or time consuming, even if you do start from scratch.

Eating at home rather than dining out is also proving increasingly popular, with 43% choosing to sit around the table with the family as opposed to in a restaurant.

The harsh economic climate has also seen families become more conscious about how much food they throw away, with 45% saying they now waste less.

More of us are now finding creative ways to use leftovers, thereby saving money in the process. A good way to start is to make a list of leftover food or things that need eating so you can begin getting some meal ideas together, and don't be afraid to freeze things as this is a great way of making food go further.