Over Half Of British Parents Think Schools Should Return To The Days Before Apps And Tech Took Over


New research has found that almost all British parents have seen their children using homework apps and school portals outside of school, with four fifths not feeling prepared for the technological advances that schools are undergoing. Almost half of those confess to regularly feeling ‘confused’ by it all, with parents wanting schools to return to how they were – before apps, tech and gadgets took over.

With schools nowadays turning to the internet and technology to enhance the learning experience, parents wish that schools would go back to how they were or at least simplify things or provide instructions for parents to keep up.

The research was carried out by www.VoucherCodesPro.co.uk as part of an ongoing study into Britons attitudes towards technology. 2,394 Britons aged 30 and over, all of whom stated that they have at least one child aged five to 16 years old in school, were quizzed about their children’s studies.

Initially all respondents were asked ‘How often do you have to help your child out with their homework?’ to which 62% revealed they did so at least ‘once every couple of days’, whilst a further one third (33%) stated they help their child at least once a week.

Just 5% confessed they don’t help their children. When asked if they’d ever had to resort to the internet to help their child with their homework, over four fifths (83%) admitted that ‘yes’ they had.

Researchers then asked all parents if their child had ever received homework via new technological platforms e.g. a homework apps, school portals, etc. It was found that almost all respondents (93%) have experienced this. When asked if they felt prepared for these technological changes to schools, 83% confessed they ‘no’ they were not. Of those, almost half (47%) revealed they are often left ‘confused’ and ‘not knowing what to do’ by applications used by their child’s school, having to turn to their children for instructions on what to do.

Wanting to find out how best to combat this confusion, all respondents were asked how they think these issues with the technology used by schools should be addressed. When provided a list of possible responses and told to select all those they felt would help, the following five answers emerged as the most popular:

  1. Things should return to how they were, without the technology – 52%
  2. The platforms should be made simpler – 48%
  3. Parents should be taught how to use these platforms – 33%
  4. Technology should only be used during school hours – 27%
  5. Parents should be sent an instruction leaflet – 12%

As many as three fifths of respondents (62%) stated that they don’t think it’s fair to require various pieces of technology and software in order for children to be able to complete their homework, especially as not everyone can afford the items required.

George Charles, spokesperson for www.VoucherCodesPro.co.uk, commented on the findings:

“Technological developments have had such a great impact on our schools, but as many of us grew up without these gadgets and gizmos in the classroom, sometimes it can seem alien to us – especially with the constant developments. In fact, children aged just five will most likely know more about the internet than someone aged 45. It’s important that parents open their mind a bit to learning more about these applications as they can be really useful and it is the world that we now live in.”