Health chief offers ‘Supermeals’ advice

cooking from the supermeal email

cooking from the supermeal emailYou've probably heard about the new Government initiative to help families eat more healthily, but now a top health chief has backed the scheme and offered some top tips to help us get the best from it.

The Supermeals campaign was launched by ministers earlier this month in a bid to help us fulfil those New Year's resolutions for raising the bar when it comes to giving our kids healthy grub.

But January's a long month, and with both eyes on the purse strings you may well have put plans to revolutionise your food shopping habits on the back burner until February.

Thankfully, it's not just healthy eating on the agenda in the Supermeals' campaign. Cost is also a massive factor, so why not take five minutes to see how you can get your youngsters eating better by spending less?

Dr Ruth Milton, public health director of NHS Hampshire, has offered some tips that could make you take a closer look at the campaign, this month rather than next.

She said the meal planner and recipe cards make it easier for families on a budget - both time and money-wise - to shop healthily.

If you're busy with work and really stuck for time, you can even have recipes sent to you via email, according to Dr Milton.

She added: "We realise that families often want to lose weight and get fit after the festive season, but are also watching the pennies.

"Help is at hand with the new online Supermeal zone which contains a seven-day meal planner with lots of ideas. You can also arrange for recipes to be emailed to you during the campaign. Eating better and becoming more physically active can significantly improve your health and Supermeals can help you make small easy changes that will benefit all your family."

Her comments are underpinned by a cookbook released as part of the campaign which provides recipes for family meals that can be made without breaking the £5 barrier.

If you want even more inspiration for your weekly family meal plan, at MyFamilyClub  we've put our heads together to come up with our favourite child-friendly and easy recipes. This meal planner is from us to you. Enjoy!