Help on its way for negative equity homes

house in family reach

house in family reachHave you found it tough to move your family to a bigger home because of negative equity?

People experience negative equity when their outstanding mortgage exceeds the value of their property, and it can hold consumers back from moving up the housing ladder.

However, better news may now be on the horizon for families who face negative equity, as reports suggest the Financial Services Authority may be willing to loosen lending restrictions.

New proposals apparently being considered by the regulator would give home sellers the chance to take their negative equity with them.

The rule changes might enable them to remortgage in order to purchase a new property, without the need to repay their existing debts immediately.

Commenting on the news, Building Societies Association head of mortgage policy Paul Broadhead said: "Generally, borrowers in this position are well able to pay their mortgages, but just need some additional flexibility to allow them to move home, say for a new job."

"There is no extra lending involved, it's about the mortgage provider allowing the negative equity element of the loan to be portable."

He said he was hopeful that the FSA would consider various borrower circumstances when giving its views.

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