Help with childcare costs – how do you manage?


childmindingAffordable childcare can be hard to come by and we've all had times when we could really welcome some help with childcare costs.

So speculative research predicting more and more grandparents will be providing childminding support in the future makes for very interesting reading.

According to a study of 2,200 adults from holiday firm Butlins, the next generation of nanas and grandads could be just as busy and hard-working as parents are today - by juggling a career on one hand and helping to care for their grandchildren on the other.

Even great-grandparents will be getting involved in helping to rear the youngsters, said the group.

Fast forward 25 years into the future and family roles will have made a switch, it claims. More dads will be chipping in with the housework as the number of mums going to work rises.

The findings also suggest that by then, there will be a "need breed" for grandmothers and grandfathers to help cheer on their own grown-up children when the going gets tough.

The future forecasts role reversals

Currently more than a third (35%) of dads leave cleaning duties to mums, while 16% contribute little to childcare, the survey discovered.

But it predicts that in 25 years' time, three in five fathers will be expected to do their own share of tidying in the home, while 40% will be required to take care of the kids.

A further 16% of parents in the future will expect support from their grandparents in helping to take care of the youngsters.

This means that grandmothers and grandfathers of the next generation can expect to be super busy as the report showed 44% of them would be run off their feet by the time 2037 rolls around.

Cutting back on childcare costs

The report also estimates that the number of family trips abroad will rise to up to five holidays a year, and that our spending power on leisure and overseas trips is likely to rise from £103 billion last year to £183 billion by 2037.

This all seems an awfully long way off, but there are ways you can take action now for you to save money and cut back on your childcare costs.

Did you know you are entitled to 15 hours of free nursery education per week for toddlers aged three and four? You can also team up with fellow parents and share the costs by sharing a nanny.

In fact,there are a multitude of ways in which we can get help with childcare costs in the present day, as we await to see how things actually do pan out in the future.