Holiday days are there to be taken!

holiday work

holiday workIf the ongoing economic uncertainty has stopped you from taking your full holiday entitlement at work, you aren't alone, as it appears an increasing number of us are forgoing our full annual leave allowance.

It might be the holiday season but research by indicates that UK workers still have an average of six days holiday to take by December - two days more than the typical amount of holiday leave left a year ago. calculated that UK workers have accumulated a whopping 175 million unused holiday days, which equates to millions of pounds worth of free labour for the companies we work for.

It also emerged that half of us have a week of holiday left to take, while a third admit we will not use our full leave entitlement this year.

You might have a wide variety of reasons for not using your holiday allowance in its entirety. It seems the most common reasons are because bosses refuse to approve leave requests; workers fear that by taking time off they will have to work longer hours to catch up upon their return; while some just merely forget to book it all.

Many employees who had hoped to take their owed days over into next year could also be disappointed, as more than a third of companies forbid this practice. Bah, humbug!

Kate Hopcraft from said: "Many workers are likely to end up disgruntled having found that they can't actually take the holiday they're owed, so we're urging UK employers to support their employees by encouraging them to take their full allowance in 2012!"

Although going above and beyond the call of duty at work could help your career, parents must try to strike a healthy balance between their work and homes lives.

This guide on how to get your work done in time for the Christmas holidays might be of use for those who have an office to-do list longer than the River Thames.