Home-baked gifts can save money at Xmas


gingerbreadWith the Christmas expenditure mounting, wouldn't it be great to be able to cut some corners? Well, making and baking presents could be the perfect solution.

Instead of pricey store-bought gifts, why not take to the kitchen and whip up some tasty treats? A stack of gingerbread snowmen for the nieces and nephews, or some spicy carrot cake for the sister-in-law?

And don't go it alone - get the kids in the kitchen too. Put on some Christmas tunes and bop away together as you bake! It makes for perfect family time.

And it seems more of us are planning to go down the home-made route this year. A survey of readers of Good Food Magazine revealed one in three plan to make or bake gifts for friends and relatives - up from just eight per cent who did last year.

After all, enjoying delicious food together is the Christmas highlight for so many families. There's nothing better than tucking into the Christmas dinner, opening presents together and then relaxing in front of the TV.

As well as being thoughtful and fun to make, DIY presents are a great way of saving money in these hard times. The survey showed that 31% of the magazine readers are planning to cut spending on presents this year.

Gillian Carter, editor of Good Food Magazine, said: "In these challenging economic times we have to make choices, even at Christmas.

"And although we might be cutting our spending on presents, we still want to show we're thinking of friends and family by making and baking our own gifts."

"This is a fantastic way to reduce the cost of Christmas, as well doing something satisfying and creative."

DIY presents are just one of the ways you can save money this Christmas. Why not check out some more?